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Domino Train Automatic Layer
Domino Train Automatic Layer
Domino Train Automatic Layer
Domino Train Automatic Layer

Domino Train Automatic Layer

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Setting each domino can become a tiring job for your kid...However, this can be solved with the help of this amazing toy. 

What's the best part about dominoes? Of course, knocking them over! No more boring time for you setting up your kid’s dominoes. Domino Train™ will do all the boring work for you! Your kids will be so happy and you will have more free time at home.


Easy to use.

Encourages children’s spatial thinking abilities and color recognition and improves their motor skills. + Creativity

Recommended for +3 years old

Kids love this building toy, and they love watching the chain reaction of dominoes.

30 days money-back guarantee + quality guarantee.

Ships from the US / Europe, and could be shipped Worldwide from our other warehouses around the world.

A Win-Win Solution for all in these times.

 60 Dominoes included!


Just load the domino cartridge and place it on the train, set the path by steering with the smokestack and DONE! The engine plays lively sounds as it set the dominoes. As if by magic, all the dominos are placed on end and perfectly spaced. The headlight lights up to guide you along. Once set, have fun knocking them down!

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