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TheHumidifier - Guitar/Ukelele humidifier
TheHumidifier - Guitar/Ukelele humidifier
TheHumidifier - Guitar/Ukelele humidifier
TheHumidifier - Guitar/Ukelele humidifier

TheHumidifier - Guitar/Ukelele humidifier

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Most of us don't pay attention to the humidity until is too late. Just put this, to eliminate and avoid warping, shrinking, and cracking. And boost your sound!



  • Exclusive non-drip design releases moisture evenly and slowly.
  • Multiuse! Works for any acoustic instrument that has a space to place the humidifier. Guitar, Ukelele, etc.
  • No clips or fasteners which can scratch the guitar finish
  • Easily eliminate worries about wood cracks, and protect your guitar from the effects of dry weather 
  • Easy to use, you only need to fill out once a month with water and put it after playing, to get the perfect guitar humidity and guitar sound.
  • 30 days money-back guarantee


What does it mean to "humidify" an acoustic guitar?

Humidifying an acoustic guitar means to increase the level of moisture in the wood that makes up an acoustic guitar. This helps keep the instrument in good condition.


Do ALL acoustic guitars need to be humidified?

Any guitar that is made out of wood ideally needs to be kept around 50%-60% humidity (this range varies). Every guitar is different; the finishes are different, the woods are different, and even the same woods are cut from different trees. So different guitars react to different humidities…however, they all should stay roughly around 50%-60% humidity.


When should I humidify my guitar?

If you know that winter is coming, you need to remember that COLD KILLS ACOUSTIC GUITARS. Cold air is very dry; it hardens the wood and makes it crack (this includes air from air conditioners). 

Also, very dry summers kill acoustic guitars. Hot air is also very dry (this includes hot air from radiators or heating vents). 

Any weather that is very dry is a great indicator to use a humidifier.



  • 1 x Guitar Humidifier


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