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Soul sister bracelet
Soul sister bracelet

Soul sister bracelet

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How often do you give a present to a friend? Sometimes, we forget to take care of our friendships...


We introduced our "Soul Sister" bracelet. 


Silver plated.

Delicate charm size, perfect for everyday wear.

Adjustable size!

30 days money-back guarantee + quality guarantee.

Simple packaging to avoid contamination, but well protected.

This bracelet is perfect for everyday wear. Simply stylish and comfortable.

Are you blessed with a soul sister? You know the girl who always has your back, who listens when you're sad, makes you laugh, calls for no reason, the girl you just "get". Well lucky you two! This soul sister bracelet set was made for y'all!


You might be afraid if it will turn your wrist green...  If you give me 5 seconds I will show you why we use real and pure metals to plate the base material. Some people have reactions to a big variety of metals, but they don't know the reaction is produced by cooper, nickel, and zinc. Sterling silver jewelry, for example, contains 92.5% of pure silver and 7.5% of other metals. Those other metals turn your skin green. In Entertainment Xpert workshops, we plate our pieces with PURE gold/silver. Which makes impossible the green reaction.

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(It should take 7-15 days worldwide under normal conditions, but due to the current situation, we can't predict delays so we just ask our customers to be aware of a possible longer shipping time, thank you!)

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